PANCOPOP Team Workshop

In conjunction with two-day symposium on Pandemic Communication and Populism, on 12-13 July 2023, the PANCOPOP Team organised a two-day team workshop to discuss the project’s progress, findings, and preliminary practical recommendations arising from the results. The workshop was very valuable, because it provided a rare opportunity for the international team to work together in person.

The first part of the workshop focused on Strands 1 and 2, and was led by Professor Daniel Hallin, Professor Beata Klimkiewicz, and Dr Katarzyna Vanevska. The discussion centred on the differences and similarities in health crisis communication strategies across the four countries – Poland, Serbia, Brazil and the USA – and on the challenges brought by the presence of populist leaders. In the second part of the workshop, led by Dr Václav Štětka and Dr Francisco Brandao, the team discussed the results of the populations survey (N=5000) conducted in the four countries, focusing on the relationships between news consumption, misinformation, public support of preventative measures during the pandemic, and public struts in political and expert institutions.  In the last part of the workshop, Professor Danilo Rothberg and Dr Paulo Ferracioli presented the first draft of a paper examining and the impact of the pandemic and populism on professional identities of communication professionals involved in health crisis communication. Finally, the team also filmed materials for a project video that will soon be shared on our website.