Researchers Recruited to Join the PANCOPOP Team

We are very excited to announce that we’ve recruited six researchers to join the team. We invite you to meet them!

Nithyanand Rao is a PhD student in the Department of Communication and the Science Studies Program at UC San Diego. He is working with Professor Dan Hallin on Strand 1: Health Crisis Communication. 

Katarzyna Vanevska holds a PhD in the field of Political Science from Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University. Katarzyna is responsible for conducting research in Serbia and is working with Professor Klimkiewicz on Strand 2: Media Policy. 

Paulo Ferracioli holds a PhD in Political Science from the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil, where he was a researcher at the Research Group on Media, Politics, and Technology (PONTE/UFPR). He is also a lawyer and a journalist. Paulo is responsible for conducting research in Brazil with Professor Rothberg on Strand 3: Media Coverage.

Francisco Brandão received his PhD in Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). In the PANCOPOP project, Francisco will be working with Dr Václav Štětka on Strand 4 (Public Attitudes); he will be responsible for designing the survey as well as for impact activities with our partners.

Gagan Atreya is a quantitative social scientist with extensive experience in statistical modeling and quantitative data analysis involving public opinions, surveys, experiments, geospatial analysis, text-as-data, sentiment analysis, and computational social science. Gagan will be working with Professor Marlene Laruelle on Strand 5 (Pandemic Geopolitics).

Ana Stojiljkovic is responsible for conducting qualitative research in Serbia. She holds a PhD in Media and Communication awarded at the University of Leeds in 2017. 

We warmly welcome our new researchers and wish them to enjoy the experience with the PANCOPOP project. To find more about our researchers and other team members, please visit our Research team page.