Beata Klimkiewicz presented PANCOPOP results at the Europe-wide meeting of media regulators

Beata Klimkiewicz was invited to speak at the 58th EPRA meeting held on 18 – 20, October 2023, in Bucharest, Romania. The presentation was part of a panel discussion on the “Trustworthy Media Market“. The presentation titled “State, Media, and Transparency: A Reciprocal Relationship” addressed the issue of transparency in media policies. One of the aspects presented focused on work completed during the PANCOPOP project: “Transparency in Crisis Situations: Lessons from The PANCOPOP Project“. Additionally, the results from Strand 2 were presented—mainly those aspects that pointed to the necessity for state actors to ensure transparency in crisis communication, as in the case of pandemic communication. The event was attended by approximately 100 – 130 participants from media regulatory agencies in Europe.