Tackling the dengue epidemic in Brazil: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

In response to the ongoing dengue epidemic in Brazil, Sabina Mihelj and Danilo Rothberg were invited to deliver a seminar for Brazilian communication and public health professionals, drawing on the findings and recommendations of the PANCOPOP project. The workshop, held on 25th April,  was organised by the Brazilian Association of Public Communication – ABCPública, and supported by the Latin American Association of Communication Researchers – ALAIC; Compolítica – Brazilian Association of Communication and Politics Researchers; ABEJ – Brazilian Association of Journalism Education; FAC/UnB; Graduate Program in Communication at Unesp; Center for Research, Extension and Journalistic Practices of UFT. Thew workshop included responses from panellists including Edgard Rebouças (UFES/Ministry of Health), Fernando Paulino (UnB/Alaic) and Milena Silva (Campinas City Hall). The seminar was broadcast live in Portuguese on ABCPública’s YouTube channel, and a recording can be accessed on the channel.